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ket to the universe

We’ve all heard the stories, or read the tales of seemingly ordinary people who searched for answers and, through their search, they discovered the secret to gaining access to the Universe. In other words, they gained the authority of a Universal programmer.

For the sake of simplicity, visualize a locked door. Just imagine the source coding of the entire Universe is on the other side of that door. But, the only way to open that door is by using the key… Not a normal, metal key, of course. You can only use a more energetic key – a vibration, or frequency…something that has equal value on all dimensions and isn’t limited to the physical. The key is a frequency, and the frequency comes from pondering certain knowledge and really internalizing it.

Check out this short clip of Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense, as he talks to a few of his closest students about this key.

You have to make it part of who you are; make it your truth. In essence, you become the key when your vibration reaches a certain pitch. Through reflection and understanding certain concepts, you begin to resonate at higher frequencies. When you reach the right frequency, you gain access to the Universe.

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Have you ever noticed that subtle, yet distinct feeling of re-invention after cutting your hair? It may sound odd, but I’m sure you’ve noticed it. It’s very subtle and most people don’t pay any attention to it.

I got an email recently from someone who noticed this exact feeling. He told me that after a haircut, he felt like he left behind his old self and now he’s able to move forward as a re-invented person. You can probably relate to that feeling of re-invention that I’m referring to. To understand why that feeling arises is absolutely crucial to your spiritual development!

patterns perceptionsYou are a pattern of atoms, each vibrating at a very specific frequency. When you alter your physical appearance by cutting your hair or changing your hair style or color, you change the frequency and pattern of your body.

You and I are existing within the collective consciousness of the planet. We’re held in a specific pattern by the perceptions of our friends and family. The people with whom we associate have certain beliefs about who we are or who they think we should be. Those beliefs and perceptions keep you locked within their pattern of consciousness.

Listen to Eric talk about how other people’s perceptions can keep you locked in place.

Changing your frequency by altering your appearance is a simple way to break out of that pattern. You’d be changing the way others perceive you! Breaking out of an old pattern is the 1st step towards the achievement of a higher level of consciousness!

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shamans trance trigger

Throughout the history of Humanity’s existence on this planet, tribal elders, shamans, medicine men, witchdoctors, or whatever name they’re known by in their respective culture, have been entering profound trances and accessing higher states of consciousness in order to do their work.

Whether they were healing someone of a life-threatening illness, projecting their mind to a remote area to become aware of any dangers to their people, or influencing the weather to increase their food or water supply, these trance-like states of altered consciousness were absolutely essential.

So, the real question is, what triggered these trances?

Well, we do know that they used hallucinogenic brews and herbs. What about the shamans who didn’t have access to these compounds? What, specifically, did these shamans do to enter these God-like states? If they didn’t have access to ingestible or inhalable hallucinogens, they had to have used their other senses like sight, touch, or sound.

Let’s take a closer look at sound because we know that certain beats and rhythms can induce an altered state. Have you ever been to a hypnotist? They use carefully chosen musical beats to trigger hypnotic states. At least, most of them do. Clearly, most, if not all, of these shamans simply do not have access to meditative music, so they had to have used something in nature, a sound that was, and still is, readily available. Insects!

Relax, zone out… Listen to insects!

The sound of insects like cicadas, crickets, katydids, and even the chirping sounds made by frogs are perfect for triggering a deep trance. Why? Because these sounds, if you allow your mind to just relax and zone out, are a point of access into the collective consciousness or, as Rupert Sheldrake called it, “morphic field”.

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test me

I know that you have been searching for… purpose, meaning, awakening… I know that you have carried a silent burden your whole life… to serve… I know that you feel a place within your soul that is absent of something beyond this earthly place and wish to complete it.

“I know that you have been searching.”

I know that you have searched belief systems, religions, philosophies etc but nothing has truly satisfied, and so you search on. I know that you have given up at times only to feel its calling to you and you have raised yourself up once more to cross this vast empty place in hopes to find… “IT”.

I know that you have already come to realize that most will never truly understand you, that you feel separate from others and there ideals, beliefs and pursuits of life.

“I know that you want truth.”

I know that you want truth… results that you can believe in and most of all… the experiences that will complete you. I know that you are afraid of disappointment, because you have been down so many roads and each have never truly fed your soul as you had hope so much for.

“I know that you want to believe.”

I know that you want to believe… this is it, but the voice in the back of your mind discourages you… There are so many false promises and marketing gurus pulling on you pandering hopes and dreams and delivering nothing but empty promises.

“I can help you… find what you seek most.”

You may not like me, you may have doubts built upon other peoples views or words. Say what they may, I know one thing… I CAN HELP YOU FIND WHAT YOU SEEK MOST. I am real, and although your reservations may be judging on this media I speak from at this moment… know this as my truth: When you sit in the places you search the truth and reflect within and begin to feel around you… I too am there with you.

“Test me.”

I can help you… Test me. See through all that prevents you from seeing… and take my hand. Call my staff for they are not simply people who work for me, they are my friends and students and they will answer your questions in an honest and truthful way. You will never find temp agency employees reading from a script or empty voices repeating the same words they just spoke to others and now to you. We all meditate here, we all have searched as you have and we all yearn for kindred spirits that we can call friend… take my hand, test me… Test me… Feel your heart not your brain… test me.

Ask why we are the best, ask how we can do what others have failed to do, ask why this will be any different… test me… call 800-935-4007 or 503-646-4000 and alter the path of your life right now.

~ Eric Pepin

P.S. Hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST on week days.

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planes of light


What are the “Planes of Light”?

How does one get there? By letting go… surrendering during meditation? Or is it possible to apply one’s own will in order to push their mind in a certain direction? What kinds of experiences can be had in this zone?


Think of panes of glass, as in the panes of a large square glass window. Imagine them vastly huge, made of light but they can also bend and flux, kind of like… whales moving through water I guess. That’s what it feels like. These massive panes of dimensional light “move” towards each other and crisscross. When this happens, this is what you are looking for. At the moment of layering between the two panes, or colors, there temporarily becomes a third color, a “Frequency”. This is a doorway of sorts. “It takes real skill to catch these. But don’t over focus on them as you will miss out on other very important developmental knowledge.”

Move through it and you cross space and time. Getting back to your marker (organic body) is never a problem. Most people will have a hard enough time remaining wherever they go. Your anchor (or in this case physical body) always pulls you back in… with just a simple desire or thought of return. No matter how far away you are.

Time and space are truly irrelevant. When you move through to these other places, it’s like diving at a tropical exotic beach. Once underwater you are blown away, but your air is running out and you are forced to surface. The more skilled you become the longer you can dive, or… if you have help… lets say the equivalent of a diving tank, or “Teacher”, then you can go deeper and further. As you become more skilled, greater lengths of time can become indefinite.

When most people arrive “In” the Planes of Light, they are zoomed in. What I am saying is you unconsciously choose to “imitate” the size of your physical body. So in comparison to the massive size, or what appears massive to you, is because you choose to be small. Think about this. Your Navigator is already familiar with what I am saying.

You are small there because you “unconsciously” choose to be, but at other times these massive bands of light are smaller and more within your physical size. Ok, hold on now. Let me suggest that these bands did not get smaller, you simply got bigger. It is the human mind that cannot wrap around this concept as it limits itself with organic rules. “Chew on it.” The same concept holds true for most all of the teachings, you need to think outside of the box.

Keep in mind you must grasp that size is irrelevant. If you don’t, you will remain as energy the same or similar size as your organic body. In comparison, the panes of light / ribbons are truly massive; I suppose they can be larger than entire worlds and even galaxies etc.

So once you “appear” you’re kind of inside of a band or outside observing. Keep in mind not to limit your mind either. There are trillion upon trillions of these ribbons and they vastly range in size even to the microscopic and beyond. Hence the difference, at times, when people say it’s like illuminated energy all around them, “fog”, or they see a wall of energy and say to themselves this must be the Planes of Light, because they are outside of it. Ugghh. The funny part is that they are in a lighter band of light and don’t realize it. The band that they are seeing is simply darker in its luminosity. Ugghh! Once more… because there really isn’t light but… aaahhhhhhhhhh! It’s more like static if you look real, real close… ahhhh!

“You are the source of light by which opens the pathway that you are approaching.” – Eric Pepin

You just need to see it for yourself! Keep in mind the “plural” term “Planes” of Light. This already indicates many bands of light. This does not occur to the novice. If you want to experience a different multi-dimensional frequency etc, you simply move, “Like walk, but no physical action. You don’t have body parts and if you do… this is you holding a concept and creating them on your energy body.”

Body parts in dimensional places are like having a giant fish tail on land! I mean, even a head with hair and eyes strikes me as insanely odd to me there. You are energy; nothing more, nothing less. It’s bad enough that everything I am saying has to be piped and packed into terms you can relate to as a human.. Aaahhhhhhhhh! Back to my point.

Into a different band “Pane” – here is the tricky part. When two cross, there is a third special frequency created “temporarily.” If you move through this one – “Here is the secret” – you are able to move to “God-like” areas. Enough said!

Now when you “move”, this is called “Navigating”. It’s the skill of holding your mind together. It’s “mad skill” the more you can hold it together the deeper and further you can move into them and the amount of time you can operate from them. There is just not enough time to explain all this.

Watch the movie “Dune” (make sure it’s the original). When I first saw this movie and they showed these creatures, “which once were human”, that evolved to look like whale-“ish” creatures… and developed the power to fold space; I was shocked! I thought – how did this writer know this? Although it’s not nearly accurate, but its pretty damn close just the same. What are the Planes of Light? Ok, if you really need to know? Think of your brain as an organic, well, a clump of matter.

Now envision all of the electrons and electrical currents jumping around throughout it. Now you have two. The first is the organic matter and the second the electrical energies. Now pull the two apart. Put the organic brain aside, “Primitive”, and look at the clump of energies. Now zoom in and you are in the Planes of Light! Except the Planes of Light we are speaking of, is of God.

So back to Earth regarding the movie Dune; movies are simply an artistic relationship of collective thought and universal inspiration encouraging mankind to learn and grow. Secondly this writer very well may have carried memories into this life and was to able to reflect some image of it onto canvas for the world to see. Don’t know, don’t care. It is what it is.

Many of the scenes or characters relate very well for me, ha ha, even the “Baron” (as a previous person who attempted to squash Higher Balance out in its earlier days) because of his desire to control. Of course one understands that it is a sensationalized movie. But the writer used history and spiritual stories that were real and then rewrote a modern version and made it into a movie. “See Joseph Campbell” another brilliant, brilliant man.

Here is a tool you can use to help better understand the things I speak of. But remember, as great of a tool it is, it comes short to the real deal. In the Movie “Dune” these giant whale/human creatures basically for thousands of years used this powder called “Spice”, that people would use to expand their minds. In fact, all of the gifted races in the movie had their own version of this powder. Basically they get the spice from only one planet in the universe, it is nowhere else.

From its raw form, they process it to their liking or “secret recipe” and then use it to expand their minds which creates certain paranormal abilities, uggh.

The whale-like creatures are the cream of the crop out of all species. Their secret recipe has evolved them physically from humans to whale-like. Their power is to fold space. They captain giant tubular spacecrafts that can hold giant military space fleets inside. Once everything is in and floating inside the tube spacecraft, the Captain/pilot/NAVIGATOR moves their mind with the whole craft and “Will’s” themselves light years across space. The tube, in a matter of lets say seconds or minutes, re-appears orbiting over the desired planet. The pilot opens the giant bay doors and the mass of crafts come out and go to the surface of the planet.

Whheeewww, getting winded, ha ha. Let me point a few things out so when you see the movie you can get more out of it. When the whale-like creature folds space and takes these giant crafts with it, it blows out and creates the world it wants to go to.

As it closes it eyes and then opens them, the whale is then in the craft floating over the planet. It becomes real and the whole craft reappears in the real world. The whale-like “Navigator” now is floating next to the planet, as is the entire space craft, and unquestionably accepts this as its truth.

Oh boy, let me try to sort this. When I describe these dimensional places to you, it reawakens memories for you, a knowing within you. By knowing what I help show you, at some point you can build and artificially feel these places. In so doing they move into reality and become real! They are real to begin with. Instead of you moving to it, “human thinking”, it all moves toward you. I just need to speak about all this on a recorder. Uugghh. Also keep in mind that the writer and/or movie director had to come up with some kind of scene so people have a visual concept; of course this may make no sense at all. People just think they are seeing something cool, but it really is much deeper. “It’s all in the details!”

Life imitates art… we are Navigators. We can use our minds, once disciplined and trained, to move through time and space. You are able to “Navigate” these Planes of Light etc. How much you can move “with you”, depends on how much time you have put into your training. And of course this is simply one small facet of a white cell.

(written by Eric Pepin in response to a question asked by a student)

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7000 year old master

(A creative writing piece by Eric Pepin)

Thousands of years ago on a warm summer’s morning a human being walked amongst other men the beaten path to the distant village where the day’s work would begin. The suns warmth penetrating the flesh and warming the blood within always calls for a moment of appreciation, inward.

“Every morning you have walked this path, I have been there to greet you, touching your cheek and warming your soul.”

Unconsciously slowing their walk to momentarily savor the morning presence, a sound is caught in the webbing of the silent mind, a faint distant buzzing rapidly approach’s from behind and peaks to a sudden eruption of rhythmic pattern and as quickly as it came it fades into the distance. In an instant one takes in the shape and form of a dragonfly passing by.

“Because you were with me in the moment you savored my touch upon your cheek a window of truth was opened and you reached out to the dragonfly drawing it to you, as it passed your mind was so fast the dragonfly had become so slow. Your eyes met as they crossed paths and in its reflection you seen reality truths.”

The dragonfly echoes a feeling within that seems to remain longer then it should. Holding their mind to it as they observe themselves experiencing its fleeting impression. A loud bellow vibrates through the air breaking the moment of reflection. To reveal it’s self on the banks of the river as a water buffalo being bathed by its master.

The sun dancing on the surface of the broken water although familiar this time it’s as if triangles were shaped as light pieces between the waves, seeming interlaced as a hidden design that draws the minds attention to investigate further. The water settles and its mystery with it.

They become aware of the sudden breath inward they take as their mind is released from the moments captivation, for a moment acknowledging that perhaps they had not breathed during the entire observation?

Walking the long and distant path they observe their feet, bare and naked pressing into the soft dry powdery earth. Admiring the detail of the veins, muscles and bones orchestrating each changing step… rhythmically… Each step imprinting into the earth, pushing small mounds up and around each toe and each mound having crumbling grains separately rolling down from the top.

The eyes dilating and awareness expanding wider the patterns on the ground reveal the treaded path of man and beasts have taken for years. Mounds of dry soft earth dipping and lifting all around each foot. Slowly revealing the waves in the water and then the shimmering triangles in-between them?

Shaking their head, and breathing in suddenly to clear their mind they return to normal. Emotion becomes perplexed and the mind engages to wonder and the chest feels full… “Find me”.

Along the river the forest has a twin reflecting back at it. There is a small old bridge that crossing a line between the banks and today it calls their name. Crossing the bridge looking forward they see the path fading into the forest and decide this day they will take the risk and the consequences of not arriving in the village center if only for a short while.

The presence of the trees towering from above makes them feel ever smaller in their presence, as if they were fading away into them. But the beams of sun light in between the leaves draws them upward. There before a grand tree dancing with light beams the earth calls out invitingly. They sit into a meditation position. Closing their eyes, breathing deeply and releasing the weight of day with their breath. They surrender into the divine.

After sometime they slowly open their eyes upon seeing a wonder. Ever so still one settles upon their lips ever so gently breached a whisper is spoken from them. Reality is an illusion.

“Only now are you ready to do the work you are needed for.”

– Eric Pepin

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What you are about to read is a true story. Best-selling author of Bending God, Eric Robison, describes the first time he saw the human aura. The story takes place in Tujunga, CA, a small community nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, where Eric meets a man he describes as “most likely crazy or at least seriously detached from reality” with “zero credibility”. Little did he know that this man was about to show him something that would change his life forever.

Throughout the story, we’ll give you side-notes to help explain Eric’s experience. You’ll learn about the relationship between the physical body and the energy body, and how all livings things – even inanimate objects – actually emit visible light called an aura.

Unlike the great works that authors have contributed to humanity such as “The Celestine Prophecy”, “The Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castenada or Dan Millman’s “The Peaceful Warrior”, one very significant difference to take note of is that everything shared here is 100% true, verifiable and the sources that have gone on record are alive and will go into great detail about their experiences including the time, date and place of this and other similar encounters.

At the end of the story you’ll be able to access additional information on how to train yourself to see the the aura, so you can experience the aura for yourself. The aura is truly a beautiful, natural phenomenon that only a few will ever see, and the doorway to a greater reality that awaits. Enjoy the ride. – Jesse

Part 1 – Flickers of Light

“Well, do you want to see an aura before you go?”

A record skips and scratches to a halt inside my brain. Shaking my head I try to readjust and come back to reality. Did he just say what I think he said?
Well now, here ís your chance. The clear voice tells me with a tone that seems to expect a reaction. No, it doesn’t have the same effect. Feels like a different person who would have laughed at that. It should be funny but… But what?

I don’t know what to expect now. “What do you mean?” I ask cautious and unsure. Is he making fun of me for making fun of him? I never said anything to him about making fun of his psychic, Miss Cleo, aura, Tarot, crystal ball reading ways.

“An aura. It’s like your energy body spilling off of your physical body. You can actually see it. Most people think they’re small, like five feet off your body but it actually extends about 32 feet away. Though most people can’t see that much. Have you ever seen one?”

Absently I shake my head no. Seen one? Shouldn’t he ask me if I think they even exist? Justin and Peggy are waiting in the hallway. They remain silent.
Eric leads me behind the curtain into the office. Justin and Peggy follow us in. Eric has me stand about five feet away from him. Justin and Peggy move to stand on my left against a counter. What do they think is going to happen?

“Most people don’t know shit, okay? It’s all fluffed up and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Eric puts himself against a bare white wall, facing me. A tall black lamp is to his right. A big stationary printer is on his left. His figure is suddenly very large, filling up what little space exists among the office equipment.

“Now, most people tell you that an aura is this big glow around a person and has all these colors and each color means something but… forget all that. Most people don’t know shit, okay? It’s all fluffed up and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

My view of him begins to twist again and I start to feel disoriented. He began as the wacky Tujunga psychic, morphed into a spiritual philosophizer on the nature of the whole freaking universe, and now he’s changing into this rough, blunt, realist aura-seeing psychic.

It seems contradictory to say auras are real, which is ludicrous, and then tell me most people who talk about them don’t know anything about something that doesn’t exist.

“When you first see an aura, really see it, it will be this soft white haze about two or three inches around the body, okay?”

The, now psychic, Eric continues explaining how auras work. “When you first see an aura, really see it, it will be this soft white haze about two or three inches around the body, okay? Barely noticeable. Not to say you can’t see color, you can, but it takes practice. And don’t think any one color means something absolutely. There’s no universal law that says one color means this and another means that. More crap.”

I chuckle, more out of nervous uncertainty than it being funny. He’s so serious about it.

“It’s all in the frequency, how it relates to you and how it makes you feel. You might see green and you feel like green is sickness so that’s what your brain fills in for you. Your brain puts green in because you relate green to sick.”

Half of me is listening, half is completely baffled by what’s going on. A few hours ago, I’d be laughing at this. Now, I don’t know what the hell is going on but it’s not funny.

“So, when you first see it, you’ll look for a colorless or white glow. Like a haze. You ever walk out to the sidewalk in the summertime and you see those heat waves coming off the cement?” He moves his hand in a wavy motion a few inches over his shoulder to demonstrate.

Silently I nod my head yes.

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Part 2 – The Infinite Drive Back

Nobody has moved. Justin and Peggy are still standing by the counter. No natural or artificial light could ever make so perfect an illumination. It doesn’t shine on the rest of his body, or the printer, or the ceiling above. But it shines with incredible light! Only it’s self contained. The color is golden, but clear, with a richness I’ve never seen. Not yellow like a sunbeam, or gold like jewelry. Never in my life have I witnessed a color to match.

Dazed I close my eyes and shake my head. Brief hallucination. Play of my eyes. Opening them back up it’s still there. Eric, head bowed, eyes slightly closed, hands folded in front. No physical source to explain it.

Riveted I can’t move. Can’t speak. Slightly aware of my mouth hanging open I don’t care to shut it.

“Well.” Eric whispers solemnly. “Do you notice it’s changed?”

What does he expect me to say? Nodding my head I signal yes. He can’t see me nod my head. Speak. There are no words.

Say yes.

“Yes.” I stumble out in total shock.

Immediately it vanishes. I could have blinked and missed only my eyes were pulled wide open in mystified awe. Eric raises his head and looks into my eyes. Smiling he nods his head as if he were acknowledging me for the first time.

“I don’t tell him what I saw. I don’t say I saw anything at all.”

Dumbfounded I nod my head. No words come out of my mouth. I don’t tell him what I saw. I don’t say I saw anything at all. Standing there, silent, no reaction. If my face shows any sign of what I’ve seen he gives no indication. He could have been showing me how to tie my shoe, for all he knows. But… it wasn’t his shoe… he showed me…

How? What? Did I really see what I saw?

“Okay then.” He says quietly. “Well, it’s late, I know you guys have a drive back. Justin, I’ll talk to you later. Bye Peggy.” He comes up and shakes my hand. “Eric, nice to meet you.”

Looking at him I simply nod and smile slightly. My whole brain is locked up. I’m in total shock.

“I’ll see you soon then.” He calls from the office as I wander, like a zombie, following Peggy and Justin to the car. None of us speak a single word. I crawl into the back seat and we drive to LA.

Halfway back Justin breaks the silence. “Did you have a good time Eric? Was it interesting?”

“My head rests against the cool glass window… Spinning through my head, vast universe, galaxies, infinite time, so hard to grasp.”

My head rests against the cool glass window. Wind blowing my hair. Street lights flicker in a rhythm as we pass. Light, space, dark, light, space dark. I’m vaguely aware of Justin’s question. Spinning through my head, vast universe, galaxies, infinite time, so hard to grasp. Justin said I’d be meeting a psychic. I don’t know what that was, but one things for sure, it wasn’t just some psychic.

He asked a question. It could have been a second ago, maybe he’s been sitting for ten minutes waiting for an answer.

“Yeah.” I say raising my voice to carry over the wind. Then softer, “It was interesting.” How else can I describe it? I don’t even know what it was.

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When we first heard about Eric’s experience, we knew it was something that had to be shared, that there were other people out there that would want to see the human aura. Seeing the human aura for the first time is an amazing and life-changing experience… a window into another reality. 20 years ago, there was no guide, no book, no website that could teach you the technique, but we’re changing that right now – get the free step-by-step guide (below) and learn to see the human aura in just 5 minutes.

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Part 3 – A Shockwave Slams Through the Room

“See, if it’s for real it will stand up to scrutiny. Only fake illusions and magic tricks or people who are full of it are worried about people questioning them. So, let’s run with your idea. If it’s like you say, a double image, then it shouldn’t really ever change right? I mean, if you look at a bright light and then look away the shape and size of that light is imprinted on your eye, right? And it slowly fades but that’s about it.”

Nodding my head I mumble out that he’s right.

“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to look at it again and I’m going to make it change and you tell me if you see it. Okay? The brain’s a funny thing though and I think it’s really important for people to be able to see stuff like this. You see, I always got a kick out of, you know, religions saying that we were kicked out of Eden for doing something bad. Like we had paradise and then were exiled. Instead, I say, Heaven is not a place we were kicked out of. It is all around us. Heaven was simply removed from our sight.”

As he says sight he waves his hand in front of his face, making a motion that some kind of layer was placed over our eyes and we lost the ability to see Heaven, which is all around us. It makes my body tingle and goose bumps stand up all over my skin.

“Now, before you look again, do this. Are you right handed or left handed?” He asks.

“Right.” What does that have to do with anything?

“Okay, so take your left hand. Hold it out flat in front of you and then wave it in front of your eyes and say, ‘See now with my true eyes’, and then place them by your side.”

“I feel foolish. It sounds like something I used to do when I was young and playing around with Wicca and magical rituals.”

Shifting uncomfortably, I feel foolish. It sounds like something I used to do when I was young and playing around with Wicca and magical rituals. Still, I do as he asks. Waving my left hand in front of my eyes I repeat what he said. Nothing feels any different. Hope that wasn’t the big effect he was going for. It’s all the same.

“Now, focus in like you did before and tell me when you see whatever it is you think you saw.” He tells me, his voice lowering to a softer tone.

Sighing I focus my eyes in again. This could turn out bad. He’s having me wave my hands around saying things like a magick ritual. What does he think is going to happen? It’s going to be like before and I’m going to have to just tell him that.

My eyes start to make out the thin, clear outline around his head and shoulders. Double vision, caused by the light. I sigh in my head. Going to suck having to say it in front of Justin and Peggy who are silently watching this whole ordeal.

Trying to hide increasing irritation at being put on the spot and having to, once again, be forced to sound like a jerk I mumble out that I can see the outline.

“Okay. Tell me if it changes.” Eric speaks softly, quietly. He lowers his eyes and at once seems incredibly peaceful. Serene. He takes a deep breath in.
Yeah, right. “Oka-“ I start to drone out.

Eric breaths out. Everything slows down. His breath leaves his lungs. Exhale, echoes through my ears.

WHAM! Brilliant, shining, golden light, flares out all around his head and shoulders like a sudden giant solar burst! It appears in such a flash a ripple of unexplainable energy, like a shockwave, slams through the room!

“I feel my chest heave. The rest of my body… somewhere else. The reality I knew… so certain of… nowhere to be found. ”

My body rocks backwards and I catch myself on my heel, regaining my footing. My breath catches. Somewhere in my mind, I feel my chest heave. The rest of my body… somewhere else. The reality I knew… so certain of… nowhere to be found.

The light is at least four feet in a perfect, brilliant, shining globe. It’s fantastic in its radiance! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen! The light is strange, metallic like chrome in the sun but golden! Brighter than looking directly at the light bulb inside the lamp. It floods over the lamp’s beam of light. Unlike a lamp’s light that slowly disperses it is contained, perfectly. It’s not even coming from Eric’s head. Almost like it’s self-luminescent! Like it’s always been there flickering and glowing only I never saw it. There’s no noticeable source. It’s contained so perfectly I could trace the edge with a pen about four feet all around his head and shoulders.

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Part 2 – Question Everything

“Good. It might look a little like that. Now, what you’re going to do is, stand about five feet away, where you are now, and focus your attention right on my nose. Right here.”

He points straight at his nose.

“And with your peripheral vision, by peripheral I mean, you know how you can look at something but out of the corner of your eye see something else?”

My head nods on its own. Finally I get the psychic trick I was looking forward to. For some reason I have no need to laugh or snicker. Everything else he’s said makes so much sense. My mind is absorbing so much. So much to think about. Is this going to be the same?

“Like you can look at me, but out of the corner of your eye you can see Justin and Peggy. So, you can look right at my nose but with your peripheral vision you can observe my head and shoulders, right?” Eric turns his head sideways and holds his hand out toward me to demonstrate looking one direction but seeing something else out of the corner of his eye.

Trying to stare right at his nose I can also see his head and shoulders, the lamp, the printer. My vision blurs as I go cross-eyed. Squinting I rub my eyes. “Yeah.” I confirm.

“Okay, what you’re going to do is look at my nose until you see the thin haze or glow around my head and shoulders. Don’t try to look at my whole body. Just the head and shoulders should be enough. Remember, it won’t be big, about two or three inches. Tell me when you see it. And relax your vision, don’t strain and make yourself cross-eyed.”

“Hrmm. He can say that’s an aura all he wants. There’s no way. It’s a double image. Frowning I clear my throat.”

Nodding my head I smile a little. He must have seen my eyes go different directions. Relaxing my vision I stare at his nose. My eyes wander to his tinted glasses that look darker when he stands next to the lamp. Pulling my attention back to his nose I slowly try and pay attention to his head and shoulder area while looking at his nose. Slowly it emerges, a barely visible hazy glow around his head and part of his right shoulder. Only, it looks like double vision. If I stare at the light of the lamp and then look away I see a double image of the lamp. Like looking into a bright light and then looking at a wall. The light is burned momentarily into your eyes and then fades. He’s so close to the lamp, it could easily be his body forming a double-image from the light. I squint and look again. The hazy glow is gone. After a few seconds of staring it comes back.

Hrmm. He can say that’s an aura all he wants. There’s no way. It’s a double image. Frowning I clear my throat.

“Well?” he asks.

“Yeah, I mean, I see something.” I say dismissively.

“Is it about two or three inches off my head and shoulders?” Eric wonders.

Still looking I capture the fuzzy outline again and then turn my head to see if his image projects on the wall. It doesn’t really carry over, but I have doubts anyway. He’s about a foot and a half from the lamp. It’s a long floor lamp that stands about as high as he is. The light is shooting above his head and not on to him directly but it’s close enough it could be making him bright enough to have the effect.

“Yeah it is… but I mean… it could be like a sun spot.. or a double image from the light. I can’t tell really.” I inform him.

Rather than being offended at my skepticism he nods his head. “That’s fine. That’s good. You need to question. Question everything and don’t jump to conclusions. You might be right. It could be a double image like you say.”

I’d gotten defensive waiting for him to come back with some other argument. I didn’t expect him to say I might be right.

“I don’t like mindless drones. Always question.”

“I’m very different than other spiritual teachers. I embrace science and I always tell my students. Always, always, always when you find something you don’t understand think of three possibilities of what it might be. Never take my word for it or anyone else’s. I don’t like mindless drones. Always question. Right or wrong Justin?”

Justin’s been standing quietly against the counter but quickly stands up straight and speaks up. “Right actually. He always tells us to question things and think of other possibilities.”

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