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Part 4 – Shadow Cat

I remember just standing there and looking at all these objects and just trying to absorb all of this, thinking, “This is perfect. I never want to go to sleep because if I go to sleep I’m going to lose this. I’m so tired but I have to stay up as long as I can.” There was only one light on behind me on the bookshelf and Eric’s cat had come up from behind me but I didn’t know that. And I saw this shadow on the floor with the two pointy ears. I looked at the shadow and it felt as alive to me as the cat, and I didn’t even connect that the two were related. It was almost like it wasn’t that the cat was behind me and the shadow was hitting it and it was creating the shadow. It was that the shadow and the cat were in a symbiotic relationship and they were both these living things, just as separate but just as connected. I looked at the shadow and it was his cat but this completely different thing but I knew they were shared somehow. And I just sat there and experienced its shadow, almost as if it was just a different form of his cat, just as alive but different, and I was like, “Oh wow.”

“I was just experiencing this living shadow… It didn’t even occur to me that there was supposed to be this cat connected to it.”

Then finally, I started to think in normal terms and I started to think, “Oh wait, this isn’t a thing by itself; this is supposed to be connected to something.” It was like I had to think about that in logical terms and then I had to put it back in a space that I would understand it if I wasn’t in the In-Between. And I thought, “Oh, there’s supposed to be a cat here. This isn’t this life form by itself. There’s supposed to be something else.” That’s when I turned around and I saw his cat and then I was like, “Yeah. Okay, that’s how it’s supposed to work. He is making the shadow. The shadow doesn’t just walk around by itself.” That is how I experienced it when I first saw it. It didn’t even occur to me that there was supposed to be this cat connected to it. I saw the shadow and it was just perfect and I was just experiencing this living shadow.

And so I remember looking at his cat and experiencing him in a completely different way and just going around in a state of total wonder. Everything was alive. Everything had this life to it. Nothing was inanimate. It wasn’t just these objects made of molecules and atoms. You could feel this different life behind them. They were there, but everything was connected and you could feel the connection of everything perfectly. And it was just this completely extraordinary state where everything made sense and you didn’t even have to question. Before you could even form a question, you knew the answers and they were just there in your mind and you’re just like, “Okay!” And it was just like being alive for the first time and completely different than any kind of state you could ever shift into, including during meditation. It was just completely different. Your mind wasn’t there and the babbler wasn’t there and you were there and everything else was there. There was just this communication of flow. Everything just made sense. It was just perfect. And everything had its memory and you were just connected to that. Nothing felt disjointed. Everything felt in perfect harmony and in perfect rhythm. It was separate but it wasn’t. You could feel the unity in everything so perfectly.

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Part 3 – Things Get Psychometric

So, we go walking up the stairs to the apartment and there is one light on the bookshelves in the living room. And I remember all of a sudden looking around at stuff, and everything started to make sense, perfect sense. Everything was just perfect, and I understood everything. It’s like you didn’t even question because you just knew the answers. I could start looking at things and just know things about them. There was this light that came in through the window and it hit this spot on a wall and Eric said, “Look at that spot.” I looked at the spot, and the spot wasn’t there because the light was shooting in through the window. The spot was there because it was there and everything was going backwards. The spot was there because it was there and then it was creating the light beam going out, and the light beam had to adjust to the fact that the spot was there. And it makes perfect sense in that state.

But there was a spot on the wall and normally when you’re not in that state you think, “Okay, the spot’s there because the light beam’s coming in through the window and it’s hitting the spot on the wall and there’s this light spot on the wall.” And in this state you think, “Oh no, it’s backwards. The spot needed to be there. So, there had to be a light there because there had to be a beam there and that’s how it had to happen in order for that spot to be there. But the spot was the first thing and everything else went backwards from that spot. So then, Eric said, “You should go up and feel that spot.” And I was like, “Okay.” And I went up and I felt it on the wall, and it felt warm even though this light beam was 500 feet away across the apartment complex coming through the window. I felt the wall beside this spot of light, and you could feel that it was cold. When you felt right on the spot of the light, it was completely warm. That’s where the spot was and you literally felt heat from that spot. And I thought, “Wow, that’s unbelievable.”

“I could just look at the beads and I could feel all the past owners and see images of them in my mind”

So, I just sat there trying to absorb being in this space and he said, “Okay, I’m going to bed.” So I just said, “Good night.” Then, I just stood there for five minutes and I didn’t want to go to bed. And I remember there were these beads hanging on the wall and all I had to do was just look at something and I could just start feeling things from it. It was like psychometry, but perfect psychometry. I didn’t have to touch anything. I could just look at the beads and I could feel all the past owners and see images of them in my mind. And I could just experience each of them getting the beads, owning them and what the beads meant to them, just from those beads being on the wall. And you could just flip through everything like that, perfectly. Everything was alive with its own memory, and it was like having a conversation with everything. It was like you could go up to a person and say, “What was your life like?” And they could explain to you their life and all the things that happened in their life. It was like this with these objects. You could ask, “Where do you come from?” and “What is your memory?” and “What has your journey been like so far?” And they would tell you, and it was just this perfect communication, that you didn’t have to touch them, like what is normally taught in psychometry. You could just look at them and all of a sudden this conduit opened up and you could just experience everything that those things had experienced. It was just perfect in your head. You wouldn’t even have to think about it. I wasn’t even trying to do that. It wasn’t even my intention. You would just look at it and all of a sudden this would be like, “Oh wow, oh okay, oh that’s…” and you would just see them and everything was just perfect and everything was alive.

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Part 2 – Crazy Psychedelic Little Universes

So he was talking about the surreal-ness, like you just have to experience things. Everything in that moment seemed very surreal. Walking across the bridge, you could kind of hear the babbling brook and you didn’t really think about it. You just experience it in that half-light, like the lights people had kind of gave everything a really strange glow. Nothing was bright. You couldn’t see everything clearly but everything seemed very quiet, like the whole place was just dead asleep. And it was early, maybe 9:30 or 10:00 pm but there weren’t any people out. We never saw any people or any cars. It was like the whole place just was shut down. It was like being at an amusement park after hours and there was nobody there.

Then, we start walking back towards the apartment and I’m paying attention to how surreal things feel, but nothing really hit me, like I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just following him and he’s saying, “Pay attention to your body,” and “listen to the stream,” and “listen to the wind chimes,” and “listen to things going through the trees.” Then, he starts talking about this state that he used to go into when he would walk around. And he said, “It was the In-Between.” I’d heard him mention it a few times. Other people learning from him had talked about it, too. But I really had no concept of what it was except from some of the descriptions other people had given me. It seemed like it was this real kind of crazy psychedelic inter-dimensional place. So, I was just listening to what he was saying and he said, “Sometimes just walking around I can put myself in that place and I can carry people there.” And he said, “I haven’t really done that in a while.” And he said that he’s got to get used to just dragging someone else along, so to speak.

“I’m big and they’re small and the universe behind me is even bigger and the molecules inside them are even smaller.”

So, we start walking back towards the apartment and there’s this big, tall lamp post and underneath is this bush of wild flowers. This was my first indication that something had happened because we looked at the wild flowers and he said, “Kind of reminds you of little universes, doesn’t it?” And I looked at these flowers and they had these really long, tall, thin stalks and at the very end of the stalks, there were all these bursts of yellow flowers but they’re not flowers. They’re wild flowers, just these little round things, but all really yellow. And I looked at them and I remember he said, “Universe.” I remembered going into them and seeing them. All of a sudden, size didn’t matter. There was no perspective of, “I’m big and they’re small and the universe behind me is even bigger and the molecules inside them are even smaller.” It was like they were these enormous things and I was this other thing experiencing the space inside them.

And it didn’t matter. It was this spatial loop. And all you could feel was these flowers, and I just stood there in awe, “Holy cow, they are this universe. They’re not these small flowers. They’re just as big.” And I remembered feeling this circular loop of me moving inside them and somehow coming out the other end of the universe and the universe moving inside me going into the flowers and it was just like size didn’t matter. That’s the best way I can explain it. It was like this really bizarre experience of what it was to know that they are really this little universe. And then I realized, “Wow that was a really strange experience.” And I looked at him and all of a sudden “Voom.” You are just in this state and you are spinning through all these things that you just started understanding. That’s when I realized something had happened, and all of sudden I started to feel just really, really, really good.

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