Experiencing the In-Between (part3)

Experiencing the In-Between (part3)

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Part 3 – Things Get Psychometric

So, we go walking up the stairs to the apartment and there is one light on the bookshelves in the living room. And I remember all of a sudden looking around at stuff, and everything started to make sense, perfect sense. Everything was just perfect, and I understood everything. It’s like you didn’t even question because you just knew the answers. I could start looking at things and just know things about them. There was this light that came in through the window and it hit this spot on a wall and Eric said, “Look at that spot.” I looked at the spot, and the spot wasn’t there because the light was shooting in through the window. The spot was there because it was there and everything was going backwards. The spot was there because it was there and then it was creating the light beam going out, and the light beam had to adjust to the fact that the spot was there. And it makes perfect sense in that state.

But there was a spot on the wall and normally when you’re not in that state you think, “Okay, the spot’s there because the light beam’s coming in through the window and it’s hitting the spot on the wall and there’s this light spot on the wall.” And in this state you think, “Oh no, it’s backwards. The spot needed to be there. So, there had to be a light there because there had to be a beam there and that’s how it had to happen in order for that spot to be there. But the spot was the first thing and everything else went backwards from that spot. So then, Eric said, “You should go up and feel that spot.” And I was like, “Okay.” And I went up and I felt it on the wall, and it felt warm even though this light beam was 500 feet away across the apartment complex coming through the window. I felt the wall beside this spot of light, and you could feel that it was cold. When you felt right on the spot of the light, it was completely warm. That’s where the spot was and you literally felt heat from that spot. And I thought, “Wow, that’s unbelievable.”

“I could just look at the beads and I could feel all the past owners and see images of them in my mind”

So, I just sat there trying to absorb being in this space and he said, “Okay, I’m going to bed.” So I just said, “Good night.” Then, I just stood there for five minutes and I didn’t want to go to bed. And I remember there were these beads hanging on the wall and all I had to do was just look at something and I could just start feeling things from it. It was like psychometry, but perfect psychometry. I didn’t have to touch anything. I could just look at the beads and I could feel all the past owners and see images of them in my mind. And I could just experience each of them getting the beads, owning them and what the beads meant to them, just from those beads being on the wall. And you could just flip through everything like that, perfectly. Everything was alive with its own memory, and it was like having a conversation with everything. It was like you could go up to a person and say, “What was your life like?” And they could explain to you their life and all the things that happened in their life. It was like this with these objects. You could ask, “Where do you come from?” and “What is your memory?” and “What has your journey been like so far?” And they would tell you, and it was just this perfect communication, that you didn’t have to touch them, like what is normally taught in psychometry. You could just look at them and all of a sudden this conduit opened up and you could just experience everything that those things had experienced. It was just perfect in your head. You wouldn’t even have to think about it. I wasn’t even trying to do that. It wasn’t even my intention. You would just look at it and all of a sudden this would be like, “Oh wow, oh okay, oh that’s…” and you would just see them and everything was just perfect and everything was alive.

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