My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 1)

My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 1)

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What you are about to read is a true story. Best-selling author of Bending God, Eric Robison, describes the first time he saw the human aura. The story takes place in Tujunga, CA, a small community nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, where Eric meets a man he describes as “most likely crazy or at least seriously detached from reality” with “zero credibility”. Little did he know that this man was about to show him something that would change his life forever.

Throughout the story, we’ll give you side-notes to help explain Eric’s experience. You’ll learn about the relationship between the physical body and the energy body, and how all livings things – even inanimate objects – actually emit visible light called an aura.

Unlike the great works that authors have contributed to humanity such as “The Celestine Prophecy”, “The Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castenada or Dan Millman’s “The Peaceful Warrior”, one very significant difference to take note of is that everything shared here is 100% true, verifiable and the sources that have gone on record are alive and will go into great detail about their experiences including the time, date and place of this and other similar encounters.

At the end of the story you’ll be able to access additional information on how to train yourself to see the the aura, so you can experience the aura for yourself. The aura is truly a beautiful, natural phenomenon that only a few will ever see, and the doorway to a greater reality that awaits. Enjoy the ride. – Jesse

Part 1 – Flickers of Light

“Well, do you want to see an aura before you go?”

A record skips and scratches to a halt inside my brain. Shaking my head I try to readjust and come back to reality. Did he just say what I think he said?
Well now, here ís your chance. The clear voice tells me with a tone that seems to expect a reaction. No, it doesn’t have the same effect. Feels like a different person who would have laughed at that. It should be funny but… But what?

I don’t know what to expect now. “What do you mean?” I ask cautious and unsure. Is he making fun of me for making fun of him? I never said anything to him about making fun of his psychic, Miss Cleo, aura, Tarot, crystal ball reading ways.

“An aura. It’s like your energy body spilling off of your physical body. You can actually see it. Most people think they’re small, like five feet off your body but it actually extends about 32 feet away. Though most people can’t see that much. Have you ever seen one?”

Absently I shake my head no. Seen one? Shouldn’t he ask me if I think they even exist? Justin and Peggy are waiting in the hallway. They remain silent.
Eric leads me behind the curtain into the office. Justin and Peggy follow us in. Eric has me stand about five feet away from him. Justin and Peggy move to stand on my left against a counter. What do they think is going to happen?

“Most people don’t know shit, okay? It’s all fluffed up and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Eric puts himself against a bare white wall, facing me. A tall black lamp is to his right. A big stationary printer is on his left. His figure is suddenly very large, filling up what little space exists among the office equipment.

“Now, most people tell you that an aura is this big glow around a person and has all these colors and each color means something but… forget all that. Most people don’t know shit, okay? It’s all fluffed up and they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

My view of him begins to twist again and I start to feel disoriented. He began as the wacky Tujunga psychic, morphed into a spiritual philosophizer on the nature of the whole freaking universe, and now he’s changing into this rough, blunt, realist aura-seeing psychic.

It seems contradictory to say auras are real, which is ludicrous, and then tell me most people who talk about them don’t know anything about something that doesn’t exist.

“When you first see an aura, really see it, it will be this soft white haze about two or three inches around the body, okay?”

The, now psychic, Eric continues explaining how auras work. “When you first see an aura, really see it, it will be this soft white haze about two or three inches around the body, okay? Barely noticeable. Not to say you can’t see color, you can, but it takes practice. And don’t think any one color means something absolutely. There’s no universal law that says one color means this and another means that. More crap.”

I chuckle, more out of nervous uncertainty than it being funny. He’s so serious about it.

“It’s all in the frequency, how it relates to you and how it makes you feel. You might see green and you feel like green is sickness so that’s what your brain fills in for you. Your brain puts green in because you relate green to sick.”

Half of me is listening, half is completely baffled by what’s going on. A few hours ago, I’d be laughing at this. Now, I don’t know what the hell is going on but it’s not funny.

“So, when you first see it, you’ll look for a colorless or white glow. Like a haze. You ever walk out to the sidewalk in the summertime and you see those heat waves coming off the cement?” He moves his hand in a wavy motion a few inches over his shoulder to demonstrate.

Silently I nod my head yes.

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