My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 2)

My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 2)

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Part 2 – Question Everything

“Good. It might look a little like that. Now, what you’re going to do is, stand about five feet away, where you are now, and focus your attention right on my nose. Right here.”

He points straight at his nose.

“And with your peripheral vision, by peripheral I mean, you know how you can look at something but out of the corner of your eye see something else?”

My head nods on its own. Finally I get the psychic trick I was looking forward to. For some reason I have no need to laugh or snicker. Everything else he’s said makes so much sense. My mind is absorbing so much. So much to think about. Is this going to be the same?

“Like you can look at me, but out of the corner of your eye you can see Justin and Peggy. So, you can look right at my nose but with your peripheral vision you can observe my head and shoulders, right?” Eric turns his head sideways and holds his hand out toward me to demonstrate looking one direction but seeing something else out of the corner of his eye.

Trying to stare right at his nose I can also see his head and shoulders, the lamp, the printer. My vision blurs as I go cross-eyed. Squinting I rub my eyes. “Yeah.” I confirm.

“Okay, what you’re going to do is look at my nose until you see the thin haze or glow around my head and shoulders. Don’t try to look at my whole body. Just the head and shoulders should be enough. Remember, it won’t be big, about two or three inches. Tell me when you see it. And relax your vision, don’t strain and make yourself cross-eyed.”

“Hrmm. He can say that’s an aura all he wants. There’s no way. It’s a double image. Frowning I clear my throat.”

Nodding my head I smile a little. He must have seen my eyes go different directions. Relaxing my vision I stare at his nose. My eyes wander to his tinted glasses that look darker when he stands next to the lamp. Pulling my attention back to his nose I slowly try and pay attention to his head and shoulder area while looking at his nose. Slowly it emerges, a barely visible hazy glow around his head and part of his right shoulder. Only, it looks like double vision. If I stare at the light of the lamp and then look away I see a double image of the lamp. Like looking into a bright light and then looking at a wall. The light is burned momentarily into your eyes and then fades. He’s so close to the lamp, it could easily be his body forming a double-image from the light. I squint and look again. The hazy glow is gone. After a few seconds of staring it comes back.

Hrmm. He can say that’s an aura all he wants. There’s no way. It’s a double image. Frowning I clear my throat.

“Well?” he asks.

“Yeah, I mean, I see something.” I say dismissively.

“Is it about two or three inches off my head and shoulders?” Eric wonders.

Still looking I capture the fuzzy outline again and then turn my head to see if his image projects on the wall. It doesn’t really carry over, but I have doubts anyway. He’s about a foot and a half from the lamp. It’s a long floor lamp that stands about as high as he is. The light is shooting above his head and not on to him directly but it’s close enough it could be making him bright enough to have the effect.

“Yeah it is… but I mean… it could be like a sun spot.. or a double image from the light. I can’t tell really.” I inform him.

Rather than being offended at my skepticism he nods his head. “That’s fine. That’s good. You need to question. Question everything and don’t jump to conclusions. You might be right. It could be a double image like you say.”

I’d gotten defensive waiting for him to come back with some other argument. I didn’t expect him to say I might be right.

“I don’t like mindless drones. Always question.”

“I’m very different than other spiritual teachers. I embrace science and I always tell my students. Always, always, always when you find something you don’t understand think of three possibilities of what it might be. Never take my word for it or anyone else’s. I don’t like mindless drones. Always question. Right or wrong Justin?”

Justin’s been standing quietly against the counter but quickly stands up straight and speaks up. “Right actually. He always tells us to question things and think of other possibilities.”

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