My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 3)

My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 3)

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Part 3 – A Shockwave Slams Through the Room

“See, if it’s for real it will stand up to scrutiny. Only fake illusions and magic tricks or people who are full of it are worried about people questioning them. So, let’s run with your idea. If it’s like you say, a double image, then it shouldn’t really ever change right? I mean, if you look at a bright light and then look away the shape and size of that light is imprinted on your eye, right? And it slowly fades but that’s about it.”

Nodding my head I mumble out that he’s right.

“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to look at it again and I’m going to make it change and you tell me if you see it. Okay? The brain’s a funny thing though and I think it’s really important for people to be able to see stuff like this. You see, I always got a kick out of, you know, religions saying that we were kicked out of Eden for doing something bad. Like we had paradise and then were exiled. Instead, I say, Heaven is not a place we were kicked out of. It is all around us. Heaven was simply removed from our sight.”

As he says sight he waves his hand in front of his face, making a motion that some kind of layer was placed over our eyes and we lost the ability to see Heaven, which is all around us. It makes my body tingle and goose bumps stand up all over my skin.

“Now, before you look again, do this. Are you right handed or left handed?” He asks.

“Right.” What does that have to do with anything?

“Okay, so take your left hand. Hold it out flat in front of you and then wave it in front of your eyes and say, ‘See now with my true eyes’, and then place them by your side.”

“I feel foolish. It sounds like something I used to do when I was young and playing around with Wicca and magical rituals.”

Shifting uncomfortably, I feel foolish. It sounds like something I used to do when I was young and playing around with Wicca and magical rituals. Still, I do as he asks. Waving my left hand in front of my eyes I repeat what he said. Nothing feels any different. Hope that wasn’t the big effect he was going for. It’s all the same.

“Now, focus in like you did before and tell me when you see whatever it is you think you saw.” He tells me, his voice lowering to a softer tone.

Sighing I focus my eyes in again. This could turn out bad. He’s having me wave my hands around saying things like a magick ritual. What does he think is going to happen? It’s going to be like before and I’m going to have to just tell him that.

My eyes start to make out the thin, clear outline around his head and shoulders. Double vision, caused by the light. I sigh in my head. Going to suck having to say it in front of Justin and Peggy who are silently watching this whole ordeal.

Trying to hide increasing irritation at being put on the spot and having to, once again, be forced to sound like a jerk I mumble out that I can see the outline.

“Okay. Tell me if it changes.” Eric speaks softly, quietly. He lowers his eyes and at once seems incredibly peaceful. Serene. He takes a deep breath in.
Yeah, right. “Oka-“ I start to drone out.

Eric breaths out. Everything slows down. His breath leaves his lungs. Exhale, echoes through my ears.

WHAM! Brilliant, shining, golden light, flares out all around his head and shoulders like a sudden giant solar burst! It appears in such a flash a ripple of unexplainable energy, like a shockwave, slams through the room!

“I feel my chest heave. The rest of my body… somewhere else. The reality I knew… so certain of… nowhere to be found. ”

My body rocks backwards and I catch myself on my heel, regaining my footing. My breath catches. Somewhere in my mind, I feel my chest heave. The rest of my body… somewhere else. The reality I knew… so certain of… nowhere to be found.

The light is at least four feet in a perfect, brilliant, shining globe. It’s fantastic in its radiance! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen! The light is strange, metallic like chrome in the sun but golden! Brighter than looking directly at the light bulb inside the lamp. It floods over the lamp’s beam of light. Unlike a lamp’s light that slowly disperses it is contained, perfectly. It’s not even coming from Eric’s head. Almost like it’s self-luminescent! Like it’s always been there flickering and glowing only I never saw it. There’s no noticeable source. It’s contained so perfectly I could trace the edge with a pen about four feet all around his head and shoulders.

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