My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 4)

My First Encounter with the Energy Body (Part 4)

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Part 2 – The Infinite Drive Back

Nobody has moved. Justin and Peggy are still standing by the counter. No natural or artificial light could ever make so perfect an illumination. It doesn’t shine on the rest of his body, or the printer, or the ceiling above. But it shines with incredible light! Only it’s self contained. The color is golden, but clear, with a richness I’ve never seen. Not yellow like a sunbeam, or gold like jewelry. Never in my life have I witnessed a color to match.

Dazed I close my eyes and shake my head. Brief hallucination. Play of my eyes. Opening them back up it’s still there. Eric, head bowed, eyes slightly closed, hands folded in front. No physical source to explain it.

Riveted I can’t move. Can’t speak. Slightly aware of my mouth hanging open I don’t care to shut it.

“Well.” Eric whispers solemnly. “Do you notice it’s changed?”

What does he expect me to say? Nodding my head I signal yes. He can’t see me nod my head. Speak. There are no words.

Say yes.

“Yes.” I stumble out in total shock.

Immediately it vanishes. I could have blinked and missed only my eyes were pulled wide open in mystified awe. Eric raises his head and looks into my eyes. Smiling he nods his head as if he were acknowledging me for the first time.

“I don’t tell him what I saw. I don’t say I saw anything at all.”

Dumbfounded I nod my head. No words come out of my mouth. I don’t tell him what I saw. I don’t say I saw anything at all. Standing there, silent, no reaction. If my face shows any sign of what I’ve seen he gives no indication. He could have been showing me how to tie my shoe, for all he knows. But… it wasn’t his shoe… he showed me…

How? What? Did I really see what I saw?

“Okay then.” He says quietly. “Well, it’s late, I know you guys have a drive back. Justin, I’ll talk to you later. Bye Peggy.” He comes up and shakes my hand. “Eric, nice to meet you.”

Looking at him I simply nod and smile slightly. My whole brain is locked up. I’m in total shock.

“I’ll see you soon then.” He calls from the office as I wander, like a zombie, following Peggy and Justin to the car. None of us speak a single word. I crawl into the back seat and we drive to LA.

Halfway back Justin breaks the silence. “Did you have a good time Eric? Was it interesting?”

“My head rests against the cool glass window… Spinning through my head, vast universe, galaxies, infinite time, so hard to grasp.”

My head rests against the cool glass window. Wind blowing my hair. Street lights flicker in a rhythm as we pass. Light, space, dark, light, space dark. I’m vaguely aware of Justin’s question. Spinning through my head, vast universe, galaxies, infinite time, so hard to grasp. Justin said I’d be meeting a psychic. I don’t know what that was, but one things for sure, it wasn’t just some psychic.

He asked a question. It could have been a second ago, maybe he’s been sitting for ten minutes waiting for an answer.

“Yeah.” I say raising my voice to carry over the wind. Then softer, “It was interesting.” How else can I describe it? I don’t even know what it was.

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