The Planes of Light

The Planes of Light

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planes of light


What are the “Planes of Light”?

How does one get there? By letting go… surrendering during meditation? Or is it possible to apply one’s own will in order to push their mind in a certain direction? What kinds of experiences can be had in this zone?


Think of panes of glass, as in the panes of a large square glass window. Imagine them vastly huge, made of light but they can also bend and flux, kind of like… whales moving through water I guess. That’s what it feels like. These massive panes of dimensional light “move” towards each other and crisscross. When this happens, this is what you are looking for. At the moment of layering between the two panes, or colors, there temporarily becomes a third color, a “Frequency”. This is a doorway of sorts. “It takes real skill to catch these. But don’t over focus on them as you will miss out on other very important developmental knowledge.”

Move through it and you cross space and time. Getting back to your marker (organic body) is never a problem. Most people will have a hard enough time remaining wherever they go. Your anchor (or in this case physical body) always pulls you back in… with just a simple desire or thought of return. No matter how far away you are.

Time and space are truly irrelevant. When you move through to these other places, it’s like diving at a tropical exotic beach. Once underwater you are blown away, but your air is running out and you are forced to surface. The more skilled you become the longer you can dive, or… if you have help… lets say the equivalent of a diving tank, or “Teacher”, then you can go deeper and further. As you become more skilled, greater lengths of time can become indefinite.

When most people arrive “In” the Planes of Light, they are zoomed in. What I am saying is you unconsciously choose to “imitate” the size of your physical body. So in comparison to the massive size, or what appears massive to you, is because you choose to be small. Think about this. Your Navigator is already familiar with what I am saying.

You are small there because you “unconsciously” choose to be, but at other times these massive bands of light are smaller and more within your physical size. Ok, hold on now. Let me suggest that these bands did not get smaller, you simply got bigger. It is the human mind that cannot wrap around this concept as it limits itself with organic rules. “Chew on it.” The same concept holds true for most all of the teachings, you need to think outside of the box.

Keep in mind you must grasp that size is irrelevant. If you don’t, you will remain as energy the same or similar size as your organic body. In comparison, the panes of light / ribbons are truly massive; I suppose they can be larger than entire worlds and even galaxies etc.

So once you “appear” you’re kind of inside of a band or outside observing. Keep in mind not to limit your mind either. There are trillion upon trillions of these ribbons and they vastly range in size even to the microscopic and beyond. Hence the difference, at times, when people say it’s like illuminated energy all around them, “fog”, or they see a wall of energy and say to themselves this must be the Planes of Light, because they are outside of it. Ugghh. The funny part is that they are in a lighter band of light and don’t realize it. The band that they are seeing is simply darker in its luminosity. Ugghh! Once more… because there really isn’t light but… aaahhhhhhhhhh! It’s more like static if you look real, real close… ahhhh!

“You are the source of light by which opens the pathway that you are approaching.” – Eric Pepin

You just need to see it for yourself! Keep in mind the “plural” term “Planes” of Light. This already indicates many bands of light. This does not occur to the novice. If you want to experience a different multi-dimensional frequency etc, you simply move, “Like walk, but no physical action. You don’t have body parts and if you do… this is you holding a concept and creating them on your energy body.”

Body parts in dimensional places are like having a giant fish tail on land! I mean, even a head with hair and eyes strikes me as insanely odd to me there. You are energy; nothing more, nothing less. It’s bad enough that everything I am saying has to be piped and packed into terms you can relate to as a human.. Aaahhhhhhhhh! Back to my point.

Into a different band “Pane” – here is the tricky part. When two cross, there is a third special frequency created “temporarily.” If you move through this one – “Here is the secret” – you are able to move to “God-like” areas. Enough said!

Now when you “move”, this is called “Navigating”. It’s the skill of holding your mind together. It’s “mad skill” the more you can hold it together the deeper and further you can move into them and the amount of time you can operate from them. There is just not enough time to explain all this.

Watch the movie “Dune” (make sure it’s the original). When I first saw this movie and they showed these creatures, “which once were human”, that evolved to look like whale-“ish” creatures… and developed the power to fold space; I was shocked! I thought – how did this writer know this? Although it’s not nearly accurate, but its pretty damn close just the same. What are the Planes of Light? Ok, if you really need to know? Think of your brain as an organic, well, a clump of matter.

Now envision all of the electrons and electrical currents jumping around throughout it. Now you have two. The first is the organic matter and the second the electrical energies. Now pull the two apart. Put the organic brain aside, “Primitive”, and look at the clump of energies. Now zoom in and you are in the Planes of Light! Except the Planes of Light we are speaking of, is of God.

So back to Earth regarding the movie Dune; movies are simply an artistic relationship of collective thought and universal inspiration encouraging mankind to learn and grow. Secondly this writer very well may have carried memories into this life and was to able to reflect some image of it onto canvas for the world to see. Don’t know, don’t care. It is what it is.

Many of the scenes or characters relate very well for me, ha ha, even the “Baron” (as a previous person who attempted to squash Higher Balance out in its earlier days) because of his desire to control. Of course one understands that it is a sensationalized movie. But the writer used history and spiritual stories that were real and then rewrote a modern version and made it into a movie. “See Joseph Campbell” another brilliant, brilliant man.

Here is a tool you can use to help better understand the things I speak of. But remember, as great of a tool it is, it comes short to the real deal. In the Movie “Dune” these giant whale/human creatures basically for thousands of years used this powder called “Spice”, that people would use to expand their minds. In fact, all of the gifted races in the movie had their own version of this powder. Basically they get the spice from only one planet in the universe, it is nowhere else.

From its raw form, they process it to their liking or “secret recipe” and then use it to expand their minds which creates certain paranormal abilities, uggh.

The whale-like creatures are the cream of the crop out of all species. Their secret recipe has evolved them physically from humans to whale-like. Their power is to fold space. They captain giant tubular spacecrafts that can hold giant military space fleets inside. Once everything is in and floating inside the tube spacecraft, the Captain/pilot/NAVIGATOR moves their mind with the whole craft and “Will’s” themselves light years across space. The tube, in a matter of lets say seconds or minutes, re-appears orbiting over the desired planet. The pilot opens the giant bay doors and the mass of crafts come out and go to the surface of the planet.

Whheeewww, getting winded, ha ha. Let me point a few things out so when you see the movie you can get more out of it. When the whale-like creature folds space and takes these giant crafts with it, it blows out and creates the world it wants to go to.

As it closes it eyes and then opens them, the whale is then in the craft floating over the planet. It becomes real and the whole craft reappears in the real world. The whale-like “Navigator” now is floating next to the planet, as is the entire space craft, and unquestionably accepts this as its truth.

Oh boy, let me try to sort this. When I describe these dimensional places to you, it reawakens memories for you, a knowing within you. By knowing what I help show you, at some point you can build and artificially feel these places. In so doing they move into reality and become real! They are real to begin with. Instead of you moving to it, “human thinking”, it all moves toward you. I just need to speak about all this on a recorder. Uugghh. Also keep in mind that the writer and/or movie director had to come up with some kind of scene so people have a visual concept; of course this may make no sense at all. People just think they are seeing something cool, but it really is much deeper. “It’s all in the details!”

Life imitates art… we are Navigators. We can use our minds, once disciplined and trained, to move through time and space. You are able to “Navigate” these Planes of Light etc. How much you can move “with you”, depends on how much time you have put into your training. And of course this is simply one small facet of a white cell.

(written by Eric Pepin in response to a question asked by a student)





  1. When I meditate especially in the beginning when I’m in the pyramid, I imagine that my body is all cubes and I am turning them to open up to the light within. Just a slight shift helps bring in the light instantly to the inner space.

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