test me

I know that you have been searching for… purpose, meaning, awakening… I know that you have carried a silent burden your whole life… to serve… I know that you feel a place within your soul that is absent of something beyond this earthly place and wish to complete it.

“I know that you have been searching.”

I know that you have searched belief systems, religions, philosophies etc but nothing has truly satisfied, and so you search on. I know that you have given up at times only to feel its calling to you and you have raised yourself up once more to cross this vast empty place in hopes to find… “IT”.

I know that you have already come to realize that most will never truly understand you, that you feel separate from others and there ideals, beliefs and pursuits of life.

“I know that you want truth.”

I know that you want truth… results that you can believe in and most of all… the experiences that will complete you. I know that you are afraid of disappointment, because you have been down so many roads and each have never truly fed your soul as you had hope so much for.

“I know that you want to believe.”

I know that you want to believe… this is it, but the voice in the back of your mind discourages you… There are so many false promises and marketing gurus pulling on you pandering hopes and dreams and delivering nothing but empty promises.

“I can help you… find what you seek most.”

You may not like me, you may have doubts built upon other peoples views or words. Say what they may, I know one thing… I CAN HELP YOU FIND WHAT YOU SEEK MOST. I am real, and although your reservations may be judging on this media I speak from at this moment… know this as my truth: When you sit in the places you search the truth and reflect within and begin to feel around you… I too am there with you.

“Test me.”

I can help you… Test me. See through all that prevents you from seeing… and take my hand. Call my staff for they are not simply people who work for me, they are my friends and students and they will answer your questions in an honest and truthful way. You will never find temp agency employees reading from a script or empty voices repeating the same words they just spoke to others and now to you. We all meditate here, we all have searched as you have and we all yearn for kindred spirits that we can call friend… take my hand, test me… Test me… Feel your heart not your brain… test me.

Ask why we are the best, ask how we can do what others have failed to do, ask why this will be any different… test me… call 800-935-4007 or 503-646-4000 and alter the path of your life right now.

~ Eric Pepin

P.S. Hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST on week days.





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