The Great Debate

The Great Debate

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Healing Debate

Alternative Healing Quackery Vs. The Fat Cats At Big Pharma


Polarizing Perspectives In The Most Important Debate Of Your Life

The interesting thing about my job is I get to see both takes on a variety of different topics. The subject of Western Medicine vs. Alternative health in particular is one of daily discussion and ongoing debate.

Should I go the alternative healing route or am I better off strictly following the regiment of what my Doctor advises I do?

Let me just state first and foremost that I am no doctor. I do not proclaim to be a medical professional, and you should always consult a professional on both sides of the fence when dealing with any serious health concern, period. With knowledge comes informed decisions, comes wisdom.

Which leads me to my first point. Why is it that we assume we only have one choice? Especially when we’re dealing with literally one of the most important issues, if not thee most important issue of our lives… Our health!

For the sake of transparency: Spiritual endeavors happen to play an important role in my personal life, which might lead you to think prematurely that I have a dog in this fight. You’ll be surprised to find that I don’t.

In fact, if anything I’d probably say I’m more of a hybrid. A devil’s advocate for both… I find the gray areas of life are usually where the dust settles.

The one thing all parties have already agreed on is that the best medicine is, in fact, prevention. Like it or love it, Diet and Exercise are crucially important to your livelihood and longevity. Now if we could only agree on what that regiment was…

Word to the Wary

I don’t have a soap box to stand on here. No angry rant I am afraid. To reiterate, I won’t be boring anyone with a heated debate on whether or not pharmaceutical companies are inherently good or evil, nor will I bother to discuss the validity or non-validity behind crystal wand therapy or totem animals.

There is plenty of real estate on the internet where such mud-slinging can be found. Why comment on it here? No dear reader, trust there is another purpose to this article. A much bigger, further reaching purpose. One that aims to reach into the future for insight.

So with that, let us begin this innocuous debacle with a no less appropriate game show analogy…

Let’s Make a Deal

Lets Make a Deal


Door Number One

Over to our left we have door number one: Alternative Medicine.

This includes all your herbal remedies, your Ayurvedic traditions, rehabilitation therapy, energy healing, Chinese medicine… And of course, let’s not forget, Acupuncture…  It’s been in practice for over 5000 years, who can argue with that? Not me.

Door Number Two

And on to door number two: Modern Medicine. 

Behind this door you have your pharmaceuticals, white lab coats and scary invasive procedures. And needles. Let’s not forget the needles. We’re not talking acupuncture needles here either. We’re talking big, sharp needles attached to tubes filled with strange bodily… I’ve already gone too far I know.

From the stand point of most spiritualists, you could probably get away with saying that Modern Medicine gets a bad rap straight out the gate. There is a lot of money behind it and that’s going to put intentions in question. Checks and balances must be made to ensure it’s in the best interest of the people.

On the other hand, how can you not marvel in admiration at what modern medicine has achieved?

Western Medicine encompasses all  things surgically related, MRI brain scanning, The ER, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology and a host of other offshoots. It’s big and to some big can mean a variety of things. It’s a duality: big means resourceful, but it also means that general consensus protocols aren’t always agreeable with our own opinions on specific things.

Any program, invention or idea hoping to get into this game better be prepared to pass all the check points. That means double blind studies, clearance regulations and research which can cost upwards of tens of millions to conduct.

But you have to hand it to this global conglomerate resource: Modern Medicine also encompasses some of the best and brightest young minds in the world today, the best of what technology can offer, an unquestionably vast and growing storehouse of knowledge and a rapidly evolving ecosystem of new ideas under constant development. Who can argue with that? Not me. 

What is the Answer?

Where my interest lay in is where we can find the silver lining, the thread of commonality between the two. Because quite honestly, I believe there is a great deal of value to be found in both eastern and western practices. Not to say eastern or western are categorically accurate any longer. Not to say the merging of the two hasn’t already begun. Many insurance companies already cover acupuncture. The fear of public persecution by one’s peers is dying out as new generations fill the shoes of their predecessors. If the internet has given us one thing collectively, it’s a more open mind. 

When you really stop and think about it, the scrutiny of science and the fluidity of spirituality make for the perfect balance when we combine their greatest attributes… And an ugly dog fight when you pit them against one another. They will either compliment each other nicely or they’ll… insult each other to no end. Please excuse the pun.
But I believe the inevitable will begin to lean more and more in the direction of the former. One can deny the existence of certain things only so long before some rich liberal tycoon comes along and funds the technology which proves beyond a shadow of doubt the earth is in fact… round. 
When science and spirituality finally meet their event horizon, When the madness of media ignorance decays and brilliance begins to sprout its wings, I will be right there watching. Because what will come next will be the makings of some truly incredible new avenues of discovery. Which brings us to door number 3. 

Door Number Three: The Best of Both Worlds

One truth I have found to be the case in pretty much everything in life is the fact that there is good and bad to be found in… everything in life; and deception is usually just within earshot. That’s life. I’m not saying we should accept it or throw in the towel. Simply acknowledge it and strive to be cautiously optimistic. 

So Door Number Three is actually an elevator door. Choose this option and you’ll get a birds eye view of both door number one and door number two. What’s more, in this elevator you’ll meet a team of researchers from the future who’ve been silently gathering intelligence on both of these tribes for decades. These future people know everything both door 1 people and door 2 people think of one another as a whole. And the skewed perspectives that lie in the wake, are quite fascinating indeed. 

To be continued…

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