The Key to the Universe

The Key to the Universe

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ket to the universe

We’ve all heard the stories, or read the tales of seemingly ordinary people who searched for answers and, through their search, they discovered the secret to gaining access to the Universe. In other words, they gained the authority of a Universal programmer.

For the sake of simplicity, visualize a locked door. Just imagine the source coding of the entire Universe is on the other side of that door. But, the only way to open that door is by using the key… Not a normal, metal key, of course. You can only use a more energetic key – a vibration, or frequency…something that has equal value on all dimensions and isn’t limited to the physical. The key is a frequency, and the frequency comes from pondering certain knowledge and really internalizing it.

Check out this short clip of Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense, as he talks to a few of his closest students about this key.

You have to make it part of who you are; make it your truth. In essence, you become the key when your vibration reaches a certain pitch. Through reflection and understanding certain concepts, you begin to resonate at higher frequencies. When you reach the right frequency, you gain access to the Universe.





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